What We Do

In order to accomplish our mission of promoting the welfare of the community cats in our neighborhoods, we engage in the following activities:

Trapping Projects – M-CCC conducts trapping projects in neighborhoods, at apartments, and near businesses where needs are seen, to save lives and create results data to advance the cause of TNVR. Projects may include direct outreach to neighbors and interested parties.

Community Trapping Engagement – M-CCC instructs, guides, and supports citizens that are in need of TNVR to address feral/stray cats on their property so that they can take action themselves. M-CCC will loan traps (as available) and provide information on proper and safe trapping techniques.

Education – M-CCC participates in educational outreach activities including presentations to shelter advisory boards and staff, city councils, and community groups, and representation at community or business events. If you would like to have M-CCC attend your event, please contact us!