Mid-Cities Community Cats is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the cats that live in our neighborhoods. Through education and direct assistance, we help residents to TNVR the cats in their area, which in turn helps the local shelters and other surrounding residents. The benefits for property and homeowners who have community cats include:

  • A cat that has been TNVR’d will not longer produce unwanted kittens
  • Cats will be vaccinated for rabies, providing protection for both these cats and others that might come in contact with them
  • Spayed/neutered cats will be less inclined to “spray”/mark territory or fight
  • A controlled cat colony keeps other cats from moving into the area, avoiding the “vacuum effect”
  • These outdoor cats can help control the pest population, including mice, rats and snakes
  • By preventing additional reproduction, the number of cats who enter the local shelters is reduced, which in turn saves taxpayer dollars from being used for euthanasia