Trap. Neuter. Vaccinate. Return.

Mid-Cities Community Cats is a non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to improving life for unowned, outdoor community cats.

Mid-Cities Community Cats

Mid-Cities Community Cats makes life better for unowned, outdoor community cats in Northeast Tarrant County, Texas, with Trap-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return (TNVR), medical care for the sick or injured, public education and related activities.

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Curious how it works?

Watch this video that explains more about our organization and TNVR.

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What is TNVR?


Cats are trapped in a humane trap designed for this purpose, using food as a lure to get the cat into the trap.


Once inside the trap, cats are taken to a spay-neuter clinic that provides this service for feral cats.


During surgery, while still groggy or “out,” cats are administered a rabies shot, as required by law.


After recuperation, the cats are returned to the exact location of their outdoor home.

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