M-CCC TNVR Results for 2023 Announced

Based on medical records and billing from 2023, M-CCC processed a total of 988 community cats through TNVR last year, making it one of our most active years ever.

It’s estimated that a male and female cat and their offspring can engender up to 2,107 kittens in a four-year period. So it’s not a stretch to say the work of M-CCC volunteers prevented THOUSANDS of unwanted, unowned, ill-fated kittens from being born in 2023.

M-CCC also arranged veterinary care and treatment for more than 100 sick and injured community cats, returning them to live healthy lives in their outdoor homes.

There are many heartrending stories of cats being relieved from pain, kittens becoming adopted and lost cats being returned to owners among these numbers. “Thank you” to the volunteers and donors who make this important work possible.