No. We are not an adoption agency but do work with partner agencies when we encounter adoptable cats and kittens while conducting TNVR.

Please see the Volunteer section of this website. We always need more!

We operate in Hurst, Euless, Bedford and directly adjoining cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. We may be able to give advice or refer you to an organization in your area.

We are not a commercial business or service. We accept and encourage donations from residents and businesses we work with.

Sometimes. We usually require a deposit and have requirements for how the humane traps can be used. We don’t provide traps to be used to capture wildlife or to take cats to shelters.

We spend a large amount each month on spay-neuter surgeries for community cats, medicine and veterinary treatment for sick or injured community cats, food for cats during recuperation, and other related expenses. One hundred percent (100%) of the donations we receive are used to help community cats. We have no paid staff.

Yes. Our monthly expenses usually outpace incoming donations so we depend on these special campaigns to help finance M-CCC’s operations throughout the year.